The Kickstart: Losing 31LBS in 90 Days

Day1-579x1024 My story start back in June of 2013 and I was 221lbs heavy. I wasn’t really working out, wasn’t trying to eat good, and generally just existing in the weight I had. I was really everything #WalkItNation is not. Then one morning (when I didn’t know I weighed 221LBs) I got on the scale and seen my weight. I decided at that point I didn’t want to be that heavy, I wanted to slim up. But how would I do this? It was around this time I happened to be on one of my friend’s Facebook page and he was looking all slim and chiseled up. He was apart of this thing called Body by Vi. He told me about it before, but I wasn’t trying to hear him them. So I thought to myself, let me hit him up and ask him about these shakes!

Body by Vi is a helps people lose weight then by doing a 90 day challenge. You set your goal and work to meet it in that 90 days period. While you as working to meet this goal, they have products you can use for food instead of eating the junk you might have eaten before. They have different kits for different purposes. I chose the Transformation Kit, as this was the one for someone looking to lose major weight. I stared my challenge on June 11th, 2013. I decided that along with drinking my shakes from the Transformation Kit that I would give up soda, juice, alcohol, junk food, and work to eat healthier. If I was thirsty I would drink water. If I wanted a snack, I would look for healthier alternatives. I lose my first 10 pounds in a week from my start on June 16th, 2013. And from there I continued my 90 days journey.

Steps Now drinking the shakes would only get me part of the way. I wasn’t going to be able to drink the shakes and just sit on my butt and think the pounds would melt away. So I started working out as well. I joined Blink Fitness and the first couple of week I would workout maybe 2 days a week. Once I got going I was working out 4 times a week. I linked up with a friend of mine and he became my trainer. We worked out a schedule and a routine I would do weekly. Now my weekly schedule consisted of one day working out with him at his gym doing grappling and striking (like boxing), two days a week I would be at Blink Fitness doing weight lifting. I also worked up from walking on the treadmill to some general logging, then running. To finish up the week I would meet my trainer on Sunday for various types of exercises. One peculiar exercises we would do was these steps in the Bronx. These were no joke! 11 landing of steps with 12 steps per landing, for a total of 132 steps. We would run up these steps many times and varying and challenging ways. This became my routine. I was now working out 4 days a week and drinking the shakes from my 90 day challenge twice a day and then I tried to have a healthier dinner.

I did this with determination for the 90 day period. While my dinner sometimes would still be a little risky, for breakfast and lunch I was drinking the shake. I also incorporate snacks between the shakes. At first this was fruit. Plums, Bananas, Grapes. Then this became egg whites and tuna fish with only a little pepper and mustard for seasoning (this took a bit to get use to), then it was peanuts. I wanted snacks that were healthier and high in protein as I wanted to lose the fat, but not any muscle I was gaining.

I did this was 90 days and not only did I lose the weight, other things happened that I wasn’t exactly expecting. During the 90 days journey the first thing that happen, was me getting under 200LBs. I couldn’t remember a time in my adult life when I was under 200. So when I got on the scale one day and I was 199LBS, I felt amazing. Another unexpected effect was the new-found stamina and energy. I found myself no long sluggishly waking up in the mornings, but wide awake and ready to take on the day. I also seen that I was full of energy throughout the day and well into the evenings. I enjoyed this new-found energy and it helped me stay in the gym. I had no excuse of being tired, so I took myself tot he gym consistently to workout. As I move further along the 90 days, I notice where I once wore a XL in t-shirts, now went down to a Large, then a Medium. I was wearing a Medium t-shirt a first for me. And then finally I became amazed as I could now fit (and still wear even today) a size 34 in jeans, when I once wore a 36 or 38.

Day90-701x1024 At the end of my 90 days challenge I was down to 190LBs, feeling great, and found that I no longer was doing this just to lose weight, but has made a life style change. I had no wish to go back to the things I once did, but was now on a different path, and desired to stay on this path. This was my stats after 90 days.

Before – After
Weight: 221LBs Weight: 190LBs
Waist: 45 inches Waist: 38 inches
Hips: 46 inches Hips: 41 inches
Chest: 44.5 inches Chest: 41 inches

This was the kick-start I needed and not only did I lose 31LBs in 90 days, but I made a lifestyle change as well. #WalkItNation is an evolution of that change I made back then. And I hope it is a journey you can join me in. The company is always welcomed!