Fitbit Flex: How Do I Track My Walking Progress?

I walk a lot more than I used to, hence the creation of #WalkItNation. At first I just tried to walk as much as I could, but then I wanted to know how well I was doing. I did some research on pedometers and came around to Fitbit. Now, when I’m not walking for #WalkItNation, I review gadgets over at G Style Magazine which is one of the sites within our Versatile Media Group network of sites. I eventually ending up reviewing their Fitbit Force at one point on the site which I loved, but there was a recall on it. However the first Fitbit I purchased and now use again is the Fitbit Flex. I wanted to track my steps because with anything you do, you want to get a measure on your progress. Was I walking the same amount I did the day before? Was I pushing further? I wanted to see these numbers so I could adjust accordingly. So one day I took a trip to Best Buy and picked one up.

IMAG0471 Let me tell you I instantly fell in love with this thing. I wear it now all the time! And when I mean I wear it all the time I mean it. The Fitbit Flex is waterproof so I can wear it in the shower, and it can check how you sleep as well. This is also something I like to track, though I’m still on the fence to how much use this information is to me. But when it comes to counts my progress Fitbit has it on lock. It is in a way the de facto official step counter of #WalkItNation, as both the Publisher and Managing Editor both wear the Fitbit Flex.

Now I know why I love it, but let me explain some of the things it does or tracks so you aware. You might already know, but I don’t want to make assumptions. At the core it counts your steps. From either the app (iOS or Android) or the website you can see hows many steps you have taken so far. It does this by syncing the data recorded from the Flex to your phone via Bluetooth if you are using the mobile app. If you choose not to, it comes with this little USB dongle that you can plug into your desktop or laptop and it syncs when you are in radius of your machine. Now beyond showing you how many steps you have taken, it also shows that information about miles traveled. It will even let you know based on its tracking how many minute you have been “active”.

Screenshot_2014-09-25-10-47-48 Beyond just giving you this information it taps into a bigger health ecosystem and lets you create a profile to really get an overall picture of your health and weight goals. When you put in your information, you can create a target weight of how much you want to weigh and it will display how many pounds remain until you hit you target. You will always see how many calories you have left to eat based on the information you setup in your profile. And if you’re not the type to pay attention to your water intake, it shows you this as well. A good way to stay on top of it. You can enter in food you eat into Fitbit itself, but I like to use another service. I use MyFitnessPal, but the great thing is it connects into Fitbit as well. When you enter in your food items in MyFitnessPal it will sync it with you information in Fitbit. All of these items give you a great overall picture along with counting your steps.

I use the Fitbit Flex daily, so if you decide you want to measure your progress, pick one up and add me on there. They let you add friends and there is a leader board, which I check to see how I’m doing among friends. Think you can out walk me, let’s do it!

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