Makes Excuses To Stay Active!

Let’s not fool ourselves. A lot of times we make excuses in our everyday life. We especially make excuses when we don’t want to do something, and exercise would definitely be on that list. But instead of making excuses not to workout, we need to trick ourselves into working out.

keep-calm-and-make-excuses-2I especially do this when walking. I evolved #WalkItWednesdays and start walking uptown each day that I could. Not when I get a day I”m tired or just don’t feel in the mood to walk, I say to myself “I’ll just walk to 59th street”. Then once I get to there, I say “well that wasn’t that much, so maybe I’ll just keep working and get on the next stop”. This will usually get me to about 71st street. From there I tell myself “well you came this far, you might as well just work to 86th street”. By doing this I make excuses, but give myself reason to workout rather than not to.

Give it a try. Think of an exercise you don’t want to do and give yourself an excuse to do it. Or if you are doing the walking thing, give yourself excuses to keep going further than you originally planned. Make excuses, but the kind that will bring you returns!

Leave a comment and tell us what your excuse is, and what you plan to do because of this excuse.