Screenshot_2014-09-30-12-00-03 I recently started using an app on my phone called Fooducate. This app is available both for iPhone and Android users. I started using it as I continue to look for healthier alternatives to junk food. Since I was the king of all things junk food related, I can’t just go cold turkey. Now, while I’m not still paying the junk food for snacks and what not (I do still have my moments), I’m not exactly doubling down on all things healthy either. This is were Fooducate comes in.

Most of my issues happen when I’m out and about. I’m moving around the city, running errands, going from meeting to meeting (walking of course) and then need something to snack. What I like about Fooducate is that if I’m in a store and I pick something up, I can scan it and it gives me a grade on the food I have in hand. That item could be something good like an A or A+…or something bad like a D and lower. When I do this I get quick feedback on how good this item is for me now. Then I can even drill down further and see WHY this specific item got the mark it did. And I can even see a little further than that and see an explanation on why this item may now be good.

Screenshot_2014-09-30-11-59-45Using this app helped me find the Nature Valley Crunchy Oats N Honey Granola Bars. I love these! When I’m out and about running around, if I have had lunch this is a quick grab for me. The package has two bars and the total calorie intake from these is 190 calories. Not too bad for a quick snack. The Fooducate app gives it a grade of B which in my book is pretty good. What is cool also about this app, let’s say you scan something and it was maybe a C or lower. When you click over a couple of tabs, it will actually show you food alternatives that are better graded. So if you had a while this is no good, what can I eat then moment, this apps will supply suggestions. Now you can scan food, see if it is good, and if not get suggestion on alternatives. This will help you make better choices while on the go. I know it helps me! 🙂

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