Failure To Launch: I Stopped Working Out, How Do I Get Going Again

This happens to all of us. Sometimes we’re on it, working out and eating right and then something happens. For whatever reason we stop for a little bit, which maybe turns into a longer period than we expected. Or maybe we never really worked out at all but now we want to. In our head we’re like game on time, we are going to do this…but never pick up any traction and get into a flow. Ultimately we end up still on the coach, talking and thinking about how we want to get fit and active, but never really doing it. That is failure to launch. But it we can overcome it. Here is some ideas I’ve used to get myself going when I find myself in a rut and want to get out of it.

Start Small

fitnesswalk-sneakers I know for one when I think of the end goal I want to accomplish I immediately see it as this huge boulder that seems like it will take forever to do. But if I start small, I can easy my way into it. Plus I think a lot of people think, I’m going to work out and I’m just going to jump in and do it. I’m going to lift all this heavy weight, run miles at a time, do 100 push ups and squats when they was just chilling on the couch for the last 6 months. Start small.

Easiest to start small is to do little things you wasn’t even doing before, like choosing to walk place instead of hopping on mass transit. Granted depending on where we need to be and what time, walking may not be the best option. But if you left a littler earlier so you have the time, you would potentially walk there or at least a good part of the way. This month is perfect for this, as this month’s #WINChallenge is all about increasing the amount of walking you do. It’s not too late to join in. We still have two weeks to go.

From there, you can keep gradually increasing the amount you do. Before you know it you’ll be smashing goals left and right and working your way to the fitness target you wanted to hit!

Be Consistent

consistentThis works in the opposite way too. If you get in a habit of not doing anything, your only being consistent in avoid getting started. We want to be consistent on the right path. So once you started small, you need to keep out it. As you are on your way to it becoming habit-forming, you want to make sure you keep every workout/activity appointment you setup. I know life habits and you may miss a date, but that is why we look at out schedule and create back up dates. If you can’t go on a peculiar day, you have another day in the week you can if you move some stuff around. And if you can’t do that, well make sure you are back the following week. Better yet, create a small routine you can do anywhere, so if you miss your slotted time you can do it at home later in the day or a mini workout in the office. Being consistent is about determination. Are you determination to stay the course and keep at it?

Make It Fun!

black-woman-exercising If you don’t enjoy working out, the beginning will always be rough. But if you make it fun, make a game out of it, this can ease that start-up process. You can do this in a few ways. One you can make a game out of it. Looks to beat your previous day or work out stats, challenge yourself and reward yourself if you beat it. Two involve some friends. Get competitive! Work out with someone else or a group of people and try to be the top dog for bragging rights. Before you know it you’ll be so involved int he competition, you’ll worry less about working out and more about the challenge with your friends. Shameless plug again for this month’s #WINChallenge. Right now I’m personally doing the advanced level each week. Think you can do me, well bring it on!

Above all, take it one step at a time, figuratively and literally. You’ll get there! Don’t get discouraged and don’t quit. Keep moving forward, keep making it fun, and be consistent with it. If you do you’ll see your desired results and will be both active and fit! Let’s get it!