The Kickstart: Marathon Man to Future Ironman

2011 NYC Marathon Expo

I’ve been a big guy as far back as I can remember. I’ve had weight problems since I was 8 years old. Food and I are best buds and worst enemies. I didn’t really play any sports in my school days, rarely exercised outside of phys. ed class and it showed because I was a horrible athlete.

Over the past uhhh, many years, I’ve gained a lot of weight, lost some, gained some more, lost some more. Now I’m somewhere in the middle. I currently weight about 302 pounds which is 31 down from my max weight of 333 but a far cry from my goal weight of 210 pounds. I don’t really like poundage goals but I chose a number because my reward for reaching it will be to take myself skydiving. I know, why put my life at risk jumping out of a plane when I just saved it by losing 100+ pounds, right? That’s just how I do, my friends.

Marathon MarcMy main goal is just to be fit. There are so many things I wish to do over the course of my life that being overweight restricts me from doing to my full potential. I’ve never been one to keep my weight from doing physical activities I wish to do, including the 24 races under my belt since my first race in 2004, including the NYC Marathon in 2011 (the pictures above and below are from that weekend) which was simultaneously one of the best and worst days of my life. Best because it was the biggest thing I’ve ever accomplished in my life so far, even more than graduating college. Worst because it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but somehow I did it, 305 pounds and all. But now, I don’t want to just do. I want to do WELL.

I’ve always been one of those who needs a goal to be consistent which is what began me running races to begin with. When my training has purpose, I’m more likely to do it. Some, including myself, might ask, “Isn’t being healthy or saving your life enough?” Yes but that’s such a long term goal. I need something to work on RIGHT NOW.

A friend of mine recently competed in the Ironman Triathlon and I was totally inspired by it. Though he did not finish, his effort and following his training excited me and made me want to follow in his footsteps. I’m not one to shy away from lofty goals. In fact, I prefer them even if I fall short.

So I decided that completing an Ironman is in my future for 2016.

Why 2016 you ask? Multiple reasons. 1. I can’t swim 2. I haven’t ridden a bike in at least 20 years 3. I have a lot of groundwork to do before I can even begin race specific training. But every run, every meal, every workout from now until then will be done with Ironman in mind. I’ll do other events in the meantime, sure, but Ironman is the ultimate. It’s the big picture goal.

Walk with me…