My Love of Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

I’m always on the quest for a healthier snack on the go. Now while there are tons of healthy things one can eat, you have to remember where I’m coming from. I was a heavy junk food eater, so going to the complete opposite side of the spectrum for snacks isn’t something that is going to happen over night. So when out and about, or is I miss lunch I try to find healthier alternatives to the junk food I was eating before. This led me to the products by Nature Valley.

First I’ll back up a bit. I wasn’t always a Granola eater. I’ll have to credit my trainer’s wife for the introduction to it. While spending the weekend with my trainer and his family, we took a hike in the mountains. His wife had made some homemade granola which we took with us. I’ll tell you this, by time we came back I think that bag was gone, it was very good. I was hooked, I got the recipe from her. Then I thought to myself, yea I don’t have the mental fortitude to make this, so that recipe has been sitting around since. I did however kept on with a search now for all things granola. This is when I came about Nature Valley. I think I was in a Duane Reade and I seen these granola bars. I picked up a box and gave it a try. I instantly loved them. These would now server as my go to snack when either out and about or if I missed lunch. Stats wise a Nature Valley package has 2 bars, which together total about a 190 calories so it isn’t too big for a quick snack or meal.


If you’ve read some of the other posts on the site, you might have seen the one about why I use Fooducate. This is a great app which I use to check the foods I pick up on the good. I was pleased to see that my Nature Valley granola bars was given a B grade. While it did ping something about the sugar in it, at a B I’ll take it. It is definitely better than anything I’m sure I might have eaten in its place. So with a B grade, 190 calories total, and about 4G per package (I try to increase the amount of protein I eat in a day), the Nature Valley Crunchy Oats ‘n Honey have become my go to for snacks on the go. Check them out if you are in a pinch and a little hungry!