Hate Running but Love Zombies? I Have Just the App For You!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of running. Yes, I do it, but more for the benefits than the enjoyment so I look for anything that can distract me from the pain, huffing, and puffing.

Enter the Zombies 5K app. With the introduction of “The Walking Dead” show 5 years ago, zombies have seen a resurgence in popularity and the company Six to Start, have taken full advantage by incorporating running and zombies into the wildly popular “Zombies, Run” app first followed by the Zombies 5K app. They have since made two sequels to “Zombies, Run” but we’ll focus on the Zombies 5K app in this post.

Zombies Zombies 5K is somewhat of a spinoff to the world of “Zombies, Run”. Over the course of 25 “runs”, you will go from a casual walker with a few patches of running to a 5K runner. You begin as the nameless Runner 5 and with each workout, you’re given different missions and the runs are thrown in accordance with the story so instead of feeling like you’re just doing a training run, in the game’s world, you’ll actually be running from a zombie or to a checkpoint. When it has purpose, when you feel like your life is in danger, you push it and give it more than you normally would. This is how “Zombies, Run” thrives and why you thrive in the process.

zombiesrungame I just restarted the program again myself and I love the pace at which it moves. It’s not your typical running app nor does it feel like one. You can incorporate your own music during the portions of the workout where your crew members aren’t communicating with you. You can also use your phone’s accelerometer or GPS to track your movements. Then, from the app, you can use the ZombieLink feature to share your runs and sync them to http://zombiesrungame.com which stores all kinds of cool stats beyond a map, pace and mileage, like what songs played during your run and more and you can share your stats to FB, Twitter, and Runkeeper.

I LOVE zombies, love, love, love them and by that alone, I love this app and I think you will too. Even if you’re not a zombie fan, just being a part of a really cool adventure while making yourself more fit is worth the price of admission. Speaking of price, “Zombies, Run 5K” retails for $1.99.