This Month Has Been Tough, But This Healthy Wrap Though!

As you know if you have visited the site, this month’s #WINChallenge has been about eating healthier 5 days in the week. The first week I started strong and was knocking out snacks and meals like it was no body’s business. But then the second week a life situation threw my schedule off and with it the remembrance to make sure I was eating healthier. That’s not to say I was just eat bad or consuming junk food, just that my goal for this challenge was to up the level of healthy food I was eating.

But things happen, life happens. Things get in your way, and/or your schedules prevents you from doing something as you liked. When this happen you plot around it and try and get back on track. Or you postpone something to a later date, but you make sure you keep that date. The point is you don’t quit. You don’t say to yourself “well the last couples days or weeks I didn’t get to do like I wanted. I’m just going to give up”. Nope you get back on that horse when you can, you mentally keep that goal or target in your head as a constant reminder. You keep reminding yourself to schedule it in or make it happen when you can. Never quite!

BoccaBliss But this healthy wrap though! I have to talk about this a minute. This healthy wrap comes from a place call Bocca Bliss on 3rd Avenue between 45th & 46th street in Manhattan, NY. I found it during week one of the #WINChallenge. That day I wanted to try something out of my normal for a healthier breakfast. This wrap has egg whites, turkey, alpine cheese, and avocado. I’m not a big egg white fan, but this was good! If you are ever in the area, I’d suggest you try one. This has now been added to the roster of breakfast items I’ll eat in the morning!

Anyway, keep pushing, stay active, stay fit!