Gym Blues: How To Get Back On Track After Holiday Festivities

Although we can’t quite believe it – Thanksgiving has just passed us by. If you’re like most – you probably feasted, took advantage of cheat day (or days rather) and most importantly – neglected your workout regimen. You are NOT alone! I found myself in this bind and I am finally picking back up. I am writing this because some don’t pick back up because they just may not know how to get back into the groove, so here’s how I get through it. Maybe it will help and encourage you.

Make a plan

whats-next-walkitnation I definitely went on vacation for a week, and the week I got back proved to be totally useless in terms of working out too. I just couldn’t get anything done – and that’s okay life happens. You just have to get yourself back into a routine – so I created my workout schedule for the next week to get started. I was just starting to see results so I am anxious to get back.

Since I do several things I made sure to mix up my week. Monday I’ll take my full body class (get lean/tone – so plenty of squats, lunges, etc), Tuesday – Yoga (I like to relax a bit too), Wednesday is rest day. Rest is essential! Thursday I hop right back into it with my upper body class (combination of endurance and HIIT training) and on Friday I’ll hit the pavement with some miles and do weights at my local gym. Saturday I will attend another full body workout class, and Sunday I shall rest.

That’s my plan for the week ahead, so you can have a clear example. What will your week consist of?? Lay it out.

Set Goals

set-goals-walkitnationEveryone has their weaknesses and select areas they wish to work on. How will you tackle that? Whats your main goal? Well lets see – my goal as of late has been to work on strengthening my core and upper body (hence the upper body class reference above I’ve been taking the past 4 weeks). I am taking specific classes to target those areas and I am eating clean as well to reach my goals. Without neglecting other areas, I am working on this goal head on. This is what you need to do – tackle those goals.

Stay Consistent 

consistency-is-key-walkitnation Consistency is key. Cliche, I know but it is the truth. The product of making a plan and setting goals is RESULTS if you follow through. If you’re the type of person that needs a schedule to follow, MAKE ONE! I make my schedule’s on a weekly basis, because you never know what pops up, but as long as I get at least 3 workouts in during the week, I am satisfied. Now, I am not saying YOU need to be active 3 times a week, but you need to set those numbers according to what your goals are. If you’re starting new, start small and work your way up. Shake off that holiday laziness and get to work!

[Photo credit: Paulsta Wong – Nike NYC]