If you have visited #WalkItNation from our launch month in October, you know My KickStart was losing 31lbs. That run took me from 221lbs to 190lbs. I was extremely happy about this goal accomplishment and revel in my new slimmer self. I start getting new clothing and more clothing options opened up for me instead of being obstacles. I was active more and more conscious of what I was eating and how much I was working out. Now the only problem with accomplishing goals is when you don’t create new goals you want to achieve. When you don’t do this, you stop chasing a path and get comfortable. Being comfortable can lead to regression if your not careful.

Now after I lost my initial 31lbs, my next goal for myself was to train for the Spartan Race. I completed the Spartan Race Sprint June of this year. After that I didn’t really have any goals further. So I mainly just watched what I ate to maintain my weight. And while I’ve done a good job so far, I’ve gain a few pounds. Not drastic of course and I’m still in the 190s, but I wanted to reach 175lbs. But I’ve got comfortable and my working out/eating has been reflective of this. Again while it has maintained my current weight, if I’m going to get to 175lbs then I’m going to have to jump-start the process again. So it’s time I return to salvage mode.

ViProductsThis will be getting back to my full 4 days a week schedule. This will also mean returning to the Project Ten Challenge I was doing before. With the Project Ten Challenge, I was drinking a enjoyable shake two times a day, replacing my breakfast and lunch with the shakes. In between this I was having two healthy snacks a day. During that time I was eating around 5-6 meals a day with the formula of shake, snack, shake, snack, dinner. This time though I have bother my Vi-Shape shake mix and Vi Crunch cereal so I will be eating/drinking a combo of the two. On the work out side, I will be getting back into my routine. This consisted of doing MMA style training on Tuesdays, weight lifting on Thursday and Friday, and some calisthenics on Sunday. Now since I can’t just jump back in full on, I will be gradually working my way back into it. I will start this week off with weigh lifting and cardio at the gym. Then mix I’ll mix back in the MMA style grappling and striking classes I took before.

This week the goal is to work at 3 times for the week, with weight lifting and cardio. My gym days will be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (or subbing in a Saturday or Sunday if I can’t make it during the week). Next week will try for 4 days. On the food side, I didn’t start today, but will be starting tomorrow. So the beast mode has returned and my goal is to lose 20lbs in the next 90 days. You seen me say it now, so keep me accountable. And at the same time set some some goals up yourself so I can keep you accountable. Who is ready to let the salvage out?