Warrior Dash: First Race of 2015 Confirmed!

Warrior Dash

Hey everyone, so it is officially official! I have scheduled and confirmed my first race of 2015. Now, while this may not turn to be the first race I do next year, this is the first one that’s already confirmed and official.

On May 16th, 2015, I’ll be running the Warrior Dash in Maryland. I’ve been wanting to run a mud run for a long time but had never taken the initiative to plan one. A couple of months ago, the good people at Klout sent me a promo code for a free entry as part of a Klout perk and I decided what better time than now? I knew I wouldn’t be ready (at least not as ready I’d like to be) for at least a few months so I decided to plan for the one in Maryland which is in May which gives me more than enough time to shed weight, get faster and stronger. Not only that but it should be warm by then, not summer hot but spring warm. That’d definitely be a bonus.

Warrior Dash

So, the first thing for me is to start, and finally finish, the Zombies 5K running program again. At the same time, I’ll be doing calisthenics and body weight movements for strength training. Plenty of pushups, burpees and squats to activate that “beastmode” mechanism.

Now that my training has a definitive purpose, my motivation usually goes up with it. When I run, I’ll think about the Warrior Dash. When I hit my pushups, Warrior Dash. Eat, Warrior Dash. You get the picture.

5K is a distance I’ve covered (and more) many times but it’s the obstacles I’ve always been most intimidated by. This isn’t just running, which excites me and scares me, but I believe in pushing forward through fear so let’s start getting ready!