Gym Pride Challenge Progress: Did You Meet Your Gym Goals?

Last week I laid out my entire plan of the week in terms of gym time …. And did I knock it out flawlessly? Of course not. Well at least for the most part…

Monday’s full body workout – check!

Tuesday’s Yoga session – check!

Thursday’s at Epic Hybrid Gym…. Not so much.

walkitnation-winchallenge-gym-pride-progress-janelle-rosario2-b A manhole fire, malfunctioning doors and other delays tied up major train lines and I couldn’t get to the gym on time. Instead I did a quick workout at home. I ran some miles on Friday on the track as well.

The weekend was productive too, minus another Christmas party where I ate way too much (haha). I eat pretty clean on a daily basis so I don’t get caught up over holiday party plates much. Before the party I attended a full body class which was pretty awesome. I actually woke up at 11:05am and had to Literally RUN to class – I made it for the 11:30 session.

walkitnation-winchallenge-gym-pride-progress-janelle-rosario4-b I’m still working on core and arms so I will most likely continue to work on that this week. Also in the process of joining a new sports club so I’m really excited about that too, I’ll have plenty of classes there to keep me occupied.

What are your plans for the week? Have you made a plan? Get up and get active! Plan and knock it out.

Images: Paulsta Wong – Nike NTC / Instagram