Santa Claus As the holidays approach, I know some of you are thinking, “Well, the holidays are coming up so I might as well chalk up the rest of year now and start on Jan. 1st or 2nd.” How do I know some of you are thinking that? I was one of them. I’ve done this pretty much right every year from Thansksgiving through the month of December to early January.

This year I questioned why.

I mean, Thanksgiving is one day, two if you count leftovers. Christmas is 1-2 days and New Year’s is two (including New Year’s Eve). So with those 6 days, why am I throwing 6 WEEKS out of the window. It makes no sense. Even if you include holiday gatherings and parties, we’re still talking no more than 14 days total.

January 1st is often the most motivated we are for the year but when you put it into perspective, Jan 1st is nothing but the day after December 31st. What’s changed other than your attitude? NOTHING!

So I’m electing to start right now, today. When those holiday gatherings and parties come around, enjoy them. Have fun, eat drink and be merry. The day after? Get right back on mission! If you’re enjoying festivities four days this week, make sure you eat right and workout the other three or even during the day in preparation for the eating you’re going to do that night.

All I’m saying is there’s no reason to wait, start right now! You may not lose weight (which is my goal, it may not be yours) but you likely won’t cause anymore damage. You can have a balanced holiday season.

If I have no reason to indulge, I won’t be indulging. I’m getting a head start on my new year! How about you?