What Will 2015 Look Like?


Well well, the end of the year is upon is. And since the launch of #WalkItNation, there have been some ups and downs! I had every intention of push further and throwing this site on my back to talk about my highs and lows, and hoped to inspire you guys. I believe I’ve inspire some and seen some participation from others, thank you guys for that. I definitely appreciate those who took part in the walking and food challenges we had. Then life, holidays, other items got in the way and I lost my momentum. It happens and though I slowed down I didn’t give up. My weight has stayed in the same range it was when I lost the 31lbs pounds (thank god for that!). I would of probably freaked out if I crossed back over into the 200lbs weight. But this site isn’t dead, and the plan is still in effect!

226_15fe05362a8f614b5ff90145522307ec_Saturday_BarbZone What is on tap for 2015. Well I’m going to focus on my goal of losing another 20lbs. I want to hit a target weight of 175lbs. So I will be hitting the gym like I should be again and getting back on the game. I’m going to repeat the workout and eating process I had before when I lost the initial 31lbs. I will be on my Vi Shakes, Vi Crunch, snacks, and healthier choices. I will get that 3-4 times a week in the gym. Next week I will have my first burst of all day walking all week as I walk the floor for CES. If you are a fellow Fitbit user on my friend list, watch out I’ll be coming for this next week!

Besides the 20lbs down goal, I will need to get my training in for Spartan Race this year. I plan to do it again and see if I can beat my time from last year which was 3:03:47. So I have my work cut out for me. I will be looking to do this again in June or maybe in May so I’ll see how it works out. If you are interested in doing it with me, let me know! And then there is this site. New challenges, new stories, and new tips as I rev back up on my fitness goals and journey. I hope you join on these challenge and share with me your journey! See you guys in 2015!