#WINChallenge Progress: Have You Been Active? What Is Your Plan?


As mentioned last week – getting back on track after CES has been a bit of a challenge. After being out of the gym for almost two weeks, jumping right back into the fire wasn’t the easiest.

Let’s take it to this past Monday. I went to my sports center and did a track workout and that was pretty brutal on my body the next day (but I did well so I can’t really complain, haha). Check out the workout below!


I was pretty much maintaining 28 seconds (first on the list of sprinters) which coach said is good. Will progress!

In terms of walking…. I’ve done quite a bit of walking but not as much as I should have. I finally found my Fit bit charger so I can pull stats off that starting this week again but, in the mean time I had it tracking on my phone with mobiletrak and my phone isn’t with me 24/7 so it’s probably just a notch higher than what you see here.


Fast Forward

This weeks workouts will consist of:

Monday: Fast paced class with weights

Tuesday: Track (Speed workout)

Wednesday: TRX Suspension Training

Thurs: Rest

Friday: Track Run

Sat: Rest

Sunday: Stregnth session

So that was my quick check in (a little late due to server issues)! Let’s keep those feet moving and bodies active through the rest of the month and I’ll check in then for January’s full evaluation! Happy walking/ working out! Don’t forget to tag us using the hashtag #WINChallenge so we can keep up with you!