New York Post Dieters Challenge: 2 Weeks In, How Am I Doing?

So I’m 2 weeks into the New York Post Dieters Challenge and so far so good, I suppose. I submitted my first update and it was printed in last Sunday’s paper and I’m scheduled for my first weigh-in and photo shoot next week Monday or Tuesday.

I haven’t weighed myself because I’m more focused on developing habits and establishing consistency. I’ll wait until my official weigh-in to get weighed. Although not my originally intended six days, I’ve been putting in at least 4 days a week thus far and my diet has been on for the most part. A few cheats here and there but I’d say about a B grade thus far. Every week gets a little better than the week prior. I will say two areas that need the most work so far are my water intake and sleep quality/quantity. I want to aim for about a gallon a day at least. It will help my efforts and keep me from retaining water as much and sleep, well rest is invaluable for many reasons. At it’s simplest it makes sure I’m a full strength for my workouts but also helps with recovery and rebuilding my muscles after strength training. So those two things will be my priority this week.

Weather permitting, with the project blizzard predictions here in the NY Metro Area, I may not make it to the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday, so I’ll have to improvise my workouts and do some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) work to make up for the cardio. But the show must and will go on.

In the Gym

You can keep up with my challenge progress here on the NY Post website:
Also, on Twitter: @drmarctagon and Instagram: @marctagon

So how about you? How has your fitness year begun?

  • Good Stuff Marc. Keep it going. We’re rooting for you!