#WINChallenge January Home Stretch! Walking, Tight IT Bands And More!

Here we are in the final stretch of the first month in 2015! We’ve had quite the week here in New York with “storm” Juno, and it did hold me up a bit on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

I definitely got some walking in, ran 5 miles…. And that’s about it. You know why? Because once again I have been plagued with the wonderful IT band syndrome. Oh the life of a wannabe runner… Wannabe because I’m trying and these things keep holding me back. Staying strong – I won’t let this discourage me!


I saw my coach and he informed me about my running form and cadence – which is a very big deal for runners. Apparently I have been heel striking and my strides are way too big, in addition to having the most all over the place hips/posture as I run. Not fun. So here’s to correcting all of that. Also working on loosening up these way-too-tight IT bands and leg muscles.


Who would have thought a roll out/ massage session could be so painful????? Well I actually knew that…. But coach has confirmed, I have plenty of icing and rolling to do for the next week before I can hit the pavement again without injury. Enough about me, more about US. Just thought I’d fill you in.

This months step challenge indeed has been a challenge in and of itself. Between traveling and this crazy weather I’ve managed to get some average step numbers but, it sure is better than nothing! How did your month go? Did you make your goals? Let’s us know how you did and please join us in our next challenge to be posted shortly. You can see some of my stats below for the last stretch of this month!


Always remember to tag us with #WINChallenge so we can see what you’re up to! Who knows, you could possibly win something too! 😉

  • A foam roller has been on my to-buy list for a long time now. I need to just go ahead and get one.

    Question: How do you tally so many steps in a given day? Do you just walk everywhere? Does it include that day’s workout?

    • Nelle

      Hi Marc!

      I really walk a lot most days. Even at work I am running around the building. I am always doing something. I do keep my tracker on for workouts too so that adds on to it.

      Also, you need to stop playing and get a roller! I roll and stretch everyday. After each run as well.