One Month Into 2015, Where I’m At…

So we are now in February, first month of the new year down, first full 31 days of 2015 has passed (a little more since we are on February 11th) and time to see where I’m at. Honestly I’m on level zero, in a rut! As much as think about it constantly in my head, this hasn’t translated into action. They always say the longer your away from working out and etc, the harder it is to get started again. This has certainly been the case. As much as I want to get back on the wheel it just isn’t happening. Things keep coming up or I get distracted by something. When the perfect time had caught and I could make it, I didn’t bring or forgot to bring my gym clothes. I know excuses!

SpartanRaceLogo First month down and I haven’t done a thing on the workout side. My only saving grace and this site’s namesake, I have kept up with my walking though. At least that part is not part of habit and routine, so now when I can and have the time to walk somewhere I will. I no longer look for a train, bus, or cab to get to somewhere I can reach by walking in a decent amount of time. But while this is definitely good, it isn’t enough and I know it.

I need to follow my advice which I mentioned in the post “Failure To Launch: I Stopped Working Out, How Do I Get Going Again”. And I think this is what I will do. I need to start small again, and build back up to what I was doing before. Plus I do still want to do a Spartan Race this year, so I definitely will need to train for that. So while I’m in this runt, I won’t stay there indefinitely, I know this is only a temporary thing.

How about you? How has your first month into 2015 gone? Are you on target, fallen behind, a non-starter? What is your status?

  • Joy Wright

    I will admit I have fallen off on the walking. I do intend to get back in the swing with no excuses. On a positive side I have been consistent when it comes to going to the gym 3 times a week (best gift my sister gave me). My hope is to attend more classes at least 4 or 5 or come up with a workout that I will faithfully do at home. I’ve also have gotten better with my daily water consumption. Not as much as a struggle as it once was. I’m down over 53lbs since I started this journey in July. I’m excited for the progress I make. I try not to focus to much on my rut moment’s because life happens and that’s ok. Your doing a great job and have been an inspiration. For that I’m thankful.

  • Thanks Joy I appreciate that! And wow at 53lbs since July, great job!