Consider this my wrap up for March madness! Better late than never – plus Easter was early this year (so give me a break, haha). Now, lets cut to the chase. Last month I started swimming and my 9 week training plan for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. In my last post I also mentioned that I would be running for my year anniversary of running which was on March 22nd.

I had originally planned to run the Georgia Publix Half marathon with a bunch of friends but some last minute issues got in the way of that happening. Luckily, I discovered another race…. all the way in Delaware (The Caesar Rodney Half/5K) which was on the same day and registered to run that half marathon instead. I had a friend with me there as well so that was pretty sweet – and he got some nice shots of me “blazing” the course….. yeah right. Those hills killed me but the course was beautiful and it was all in the name of fun anyway. I wasn’t quite aiming for a PR but did indeed still do it I think 12 minutes faster than my first half, which was the Staten Island Half in 2014.


Now about that swimming thing. I had 5 personal sessions with an instructor and we worked on form and swimming mechanics. Within these 5 sessions I’d say that I have improved a nice deal but I do still need some work. I’ve been using swimming as my cross training session since I need to do at least two CT sessions a week. It’s also a nice way to give my knees a breather from hitting the pavement. Many others prefer the elliptical or other forms of activities but I chose to challenge myself a bit more. It keeps training interesting. Let me know what kind of cross-training you’re into, maybe I’ll adopt something new soon.

As for now I am doing at least 4 runs a week with strength training and more. Keeping pretty busy. In the middle of all this – I am also registered to do the Spartan Sprint on May 9th at Citifield (Queens NY). If anyone cares to join my team feel free. That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to! What’s been going on with you? Feel free to chat it up below! 🙂


Header image: NYRR