Okay it has been quite a while since a new post has been placed on there, and I’m sorry. This site is about the ups and downs and trying to lead a active and fit life, but some of those downs are periods of quiet! Now I’m not going to lie to you, my workout routine has been very hit or miss. I’m not on schedule like I want, and compare to last year where I was hitting that work out 3-4 times a week religiously this year so far is opposite. I’m hoping this past weekend can kick start some consistency. Plus the fact that the weather is finally starting to look better out there which will prompt me to want to be outdoors more. That was a pain point to my outdoor routines. Not an excuses but it did add to it.

Anyway this year I’m quite proud that the whole family can say they are Spartans! It started off with the youngest member of the family my daughter doing her Spartan Junior on May 9th at Citi Field in Queens, NY. And then this past weekend on June 6 the misses and I completed our Spartan Sprint in Tuxedo, NY. We did this one with the misses mother, sister, and nephew. IT was quite the family affair. This was my second Spartan race, as you remember I did my first last year and though I haven’t been as active this year and was able to get it done. My experience this year was very much different from last year, as my situation was completely different.

20150608164746Just as my situation was different this year, so was the course. Man was there some new challenging obstacles on this one. From the Dunk Wall which had us going under a wall (doesn’t sound too bad right), that was filled below with muddy water. I had to submerge to get under. Another challenging one was the Bucket Bridgade, where you had to fill up a large bucket and then proceed to carry it uphill and then back to where you started. I must say this was my most hate obstacle! Then there was the mainstays like the barbwire crawl and the sandbag carry. Those I was able to get through without much difficulty, it was more annoying than challenging. All in all, it was a good (though tiring) time had by all and we come out accomplished! We of course had to represent and was sporting our #WalkItNation colors. I think I look good in orange lol

Now that this Spartan is done and the weather is getting better, this will be my catalyst to get back on that workout horse fully again. I haven’t worked out this week so far, but I’m still in recovery. I’ve been sore since the Spartan race. But I do plan to hit the infamous 132 Steps this weekend. I’ll get that in the books and hope, will make the effort to get consistent again. Aroo!