#WalkItNation is the movement created by Jason Anderson. Back in June 2013, Jason began a fitness journey to lose weight. His desire was to make a lifestyle change and lost 31lbs in his first 90 days thanks to the Project 10 Challenge by Body by Vi. After these 90 days his desire was to keep active and continue to work on becoming more fit. One of the main things he wasn’t a fan of was walking, but decided to change that to do things out of his comfort zone. This started with choosing to walk uptown as far as he could go instead of taking the train home from work. This was called #WalkItWednesdays. From there this evolved into #WalkItNation as he started find more ways and reasons to walk.

Walking is at the core the most basic form of exercise you can do, and all people do it whether they are trying to stay fit or not. This is the root of getting active. You may not be able to lift heavy weights, to unique yoga poses, or be that great in sports. But you can walk, and continue to increase the time you do so. #WalkItNation is this root. We urge you to walk more, and then look for more ways to be fit. Jason eventually linked up with Janelle Rosario, a woman is definitely stays fit. She definitely walks everywhere, and even runs in many marathons. Together we hope to inspire you to get out there, be active, and stay fit!

The #WalkItNation Team (As of October 1st, 2014)

    GymVerSeOrgin Jason Anderson

    Bronx native who was a junk and fast food eating regular. Decided to make a lifestyle change and lost 31lbs in 90 days. Now determined to stay active and stay fit. Hopes to inspire others by his example!

    Email: janderson at walkitnation dot com
    Twitter – @jasonlanderson
    About Me – about.me/jasonlanderson

    JanelleRegularJanelle Rosario
    Managing Editor

    Janelle Rosario has always been pretty active but chose to make dramatic changes in February 2014. Shortly after graduating college she realized now that she had much more time to herself that she needed to change her diet habits and went cold turkey. In addition she picked up a new passion for running and fitness and it is now part of her everyday life. Watch her road to running the TCS NYC Marathon and so much more here on

    Email: jrosario at walkitnation dot com
    Twitter – @nellesworld

    MarcAMarc Applewhite
    Contributing Writer

    Marc has been a big guy pretty much all his life but never let his size stop him from doing anything he set out to do, including running the 2011 NYC Marathon. In the past couple of years, he’s taken a (way too long) hiatus from his healthy habits and pretty much finds himself back at square one. Now, with a new goal of an Ironman Triathlon in 2016, every workout and meal is a contributor toward that goal. He’s pumped and ready to do it big for WalkItNation!

    Email: mapplewhite at walkitnation dot com
    Twitter – @drmarctagon